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As more and more software projects are adopting agile methodologies for product development it is clear that Design is the game-changing ingredient that determines the ultimate success of a product. But too often Design is treated as an afterthought, rather than an important phase in the software development process. When it is considered, it’s often squeezed in so tightly from a time and scope perspective, the Design team is unable to flex its creative and problem-solving muscles in order to be effective.

In this discussion, Séamus sheds light on how to integrate User-Centred Design with the agile software development process. He will identify the areas with the biggest pain-points, outline methodologies that successfully bake-in the right amount of Design into the process, and he'll share some war-stories. The net result will be liberation to apply the UX toolkit more effectively to your next agile project.

Suggested by: Séamus Byrne

Under consideration Product Development & Design